Reduce nutrient runoff

A highly efficient nutrient, crop and soil management tracking tool, goCrop helps eliminate nutrient runoff from entering the local watershed.

Save time, money and resources

Reduce unnecessary spending on excess fertilizer, and avoid adding too many nutrients to your fields. goCrop helps plan and track what your fields need and when they need it. Access PDF reports of farm summaries, inventories, farm nutrient balances, record logs and more.

Increase efficiency

No more digging through filing cabinets. No more shuffling through folders. goCrop streamlines your nutrient management planning and implementation process so you can concentrate more on farming. With smart technology, goCrop ensures rapid analysis and exact figures. And stronger figures translate to stronger profit.

Enhance nutrient inventory-control

goCrop’s powerful recording features offer you greater control of nutrient related inventory. The soil, crop and nutrient data you record with your mobile app are available for review instantly in your web application as a print-ready PDF.

Quickly recover costs

Starting at just $249.99 per year, goCrop pays for itself in little time by enabling you to prepare and update your nutrient management plan efficiently, saving valuable time and providing data that can cut excess crop related expenses.

Rely on fellow farmers

From small to large livestock operations across New England, goCrop is farmer tested and approved, and has been developed with optimal practicality.

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